Alternative flooring

Backing British, Backing Wool, Backing Quality

As a manufacturer of Quality Wool carpets, we are Delighted to offer our customers the option of Patterned carpet from Alternative Floorings products, Quirky B and Liberty Fabric’s Collection, bringing you well loved traditional patterns, reworked in a modern way.

Like Jorgus, Alternative Flooring are proud to be doing their bit and getting behind British Industry. Supporting both British design and manufacturing were key factors in Launching Quirky B.

Our Reputation for manufacturing and selling wool carpets is based on our offer of quality at an affordable price.

We believe that the introduction of Alternative flooring products, compliments and enhances our core values.

The Quirky B Collection

Quirky B is offered both as a  Stair runner and Broadloom carpet. Manufactured on Traditional Axminster Looms, made from 80/20 wool nylon yarns.

The collection is made up of 13 contemporary patterns in 3 to 4 colour options, totalling 46 products to choose from.

Quriky B Floral Carpet Range
Wool Craft House Carpet range
Quirky B Thing Stripe Carpet Rug
Runner Carpet Range Living Room
Quirky B Flowers of Thorpe Summer Garden
Quirky B Capello Shell Mist
Quirky B Capello Shell Ocean
Quirky B Capello Shell Coral
Quirky B Capello Shell Seaglass
Quirky B Strawberry Meadow Acanthus
Quirky B Strawberry Meadow Marigold
Quirky B Strawberry Meadow Peacock
Quirky B Strawberry Meadow Trellis
Quirky B Felix Raison Classic
Quirky B Cube Webb
Quirky B Cube Hawksmoor
Quirky B Cube Kent
Quirky B Cube Talman
Quirky B Tetra Gibbs
Quirky B Tetra Hooke
Quirky B Tetra Archer
Quirky B Tetra Vanburgh
Quirky B Lattice Campbell
Quirky B Lattice Adam
Quirky B Lattice Flitcroft
Quirky B Lattice Leoni
Quirky B Fair Isle Annie
Quirky B Fair Isle Sutton
Quirky B Fair Isle Reiko
Quirky B Shuttle Jack
Quirky B Shuttle Silas
Quirky B Shuttle Peter
Quirky B Chainmail Venetian
Quirky B Chainmail Figaro
Quirky B Chainmail Panther
Quirky B Daisy Gerbera
Quirky B Daisy Gloriosa
Quirky B Daisy Cosmos
Quirky B Zebo Black
Quirky B Zebo Grey
Quirky B Zebo Moss
Quirky B Zebo Damson
Quirky B Geo Duck Egg
Quirky B Geo Black
Quirky B Geo Damson
Quirky B Geo Grey
Quirky B Geo Red
Quirky B Honeycomb Duck Egg
Quirky B Honeycomb Black
Quirky B Honeycomb Moss
Quirky B Honeycomb Grey
Quirky B Spotty Black
Quirky B Spotty Damson
Quirky B Spotty Duck Egg
Quirky B Spotty Grey
Quirky B Spotty Red