Commercial Carpets

Commercial Carpets

A leading commercial flooring contractor in Lancashire and the North West. Jorgus specialise in all areas of commercial flooring, from carpet to vinyl and safety flooring. Our team of local carpet and flooring installers are one of the best in the business. We offer a wide range of carpets and flooring that we supply and fit at your convenience. As commercial carpet and flooring specialists, we offer great prices, high quality carpets and flooring, with a swift turnaround from start to finish. View our range of commercial services below and contact us for a full range of options.

Commercial and Professional Carpeting

Our commercial flooring services include shopping centres, foyer entrances, logo matting & coir matting. An entrance matting system protects a buildings internal floor by removing the dirt, grit, grease and moisture brought in every time someone enters the building. This prolongs the life of the flooring inside and dramatically reduces the cost of cleaning and maintaining the floor. The Matting Systems are made up of replaceable matt infills and scraper bars. The advantage of this makes it easier to update or refurbish at a reduced cost. The matt infills can be customised to create patterns or company/building logos or signs.

Specialist Carpeting and Flooring Systems

Keep your home up-to-date with new rugs in the latest interior styles. Stay trendy by changing your rugs, not your carpet. Choose a rug to complement your new colour scheme. Ring the changes with rugs in the sizes and styles that you want.

Our rugs feature lovely designs and colour ranges. Select the right texture for your modern home from shag piles, velvet piles, leather or a mixed construction rug. Pick a traditional rug to establish a new retro look. The full rug collection at Jorgus Carpets includes handmade rugs from India and modern machine made. Pick the range that brings a fashionable look to your interior.

Public Sector Contacting

Jorgus flooring solutions are available to local authorities all around the UK, we have supplied to various local authorities in the Lancashire area in the past and we are constantly looking to build our portfolio and supply local authorities with high quality and durable carpet at a cost-effective price. We offer a range of flooring solutions for local authorities from wood & vinyl to carpet & safety flooring. If you require a quote for a local authorities contract or individual project, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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